Fireside Chat with Female Product Operations Pros

Hey ladies! 👋🏻

📣 I wanted to share this upcoming webinar with this community because not only is it such a cool topic but it's lead by 3 product leaders I really look up to. I hope you get the same value from signing up and watching as I do!

When: The webinar is on Tuesday, August 24th, 8 AM PST

Who: Dragonboat CEO & Founder Becky Flint, Tealium's Director of Product Ops Jackie Orlando, and AppDirect's Sr. Prod Ops. Manager Diana Soler.

What: It's for those who are hiring prod ops, new to the role, building out the function, and honestly anyone who is interested!

They'll cover:- The evolution (and career path) to product operations- How to build and scale product ops- How to make product ops a strategic function within the product organization- What KPIs to use to measure success for product opsHope to see you there! Reserve your spot:

Thank you for sharing this event @kenishaliu Looking forward to learning more about Product Ops especially from womxn leading the way in this new area. If anyone is in Product Ops and is open to having an informational chat, Iā€™d love to hear more from you!
Ofc @michellesmanifesto! I love all the exciting talk around product ops lately! If you're interested, here are some great product ops communities: