Interviews during worktime - help!

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Call in sick and don’t think about it twice. Best of luck!!
Thank you! Ended up calling in sick BUT I got the job I wanted so all worth it!
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Congratulations!!! Well done
Too bad if your coworkers discuss it! Call in sick, go to your interviews, and get yourself out of there! They don't know your health and it's none of their business.
Thank you! I got the job in the end so it was all worth it :)
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Call in sick and who cares if they talk about you. Also if they have nothing else better to do with their lives then to talk about then... WOW life must really suck for them :)
Thank you!
If you don’t call in sick you won’t be getting out of that situation. I know it’s very hard and scary to do this but it’s for your own good! If it helps think of it like, once you’re out of that job no one will even remember it! With so much going on in the world I think they might also have other things to worry about :) A short and sweet email (the night before if you want to avoid confrontation after everyone has gone home) would help:“Hi team, I haven’t been feeling well today so I’m taking the next couple of days to recover.”Best of luck on your interviews!
Thank you so much! It's so scary calling in sick when it's for another reason, but it was all worth it because I got the job I wanted :) Thank you for your help1!
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Are these in-person or video interviews? I assume you are working in-person in an office right now, so if they are video interviews, can you book yourself a private conference room where no one can hear you or see your computer screen, and do the interviews from there? Otherwise just call in sick and hopefully you won't have to deal with this type of toxicity anymore. Also there is a good chance your coworkers are also interviewing elsewhere.
They were over video but there was no where more private for me to go in the office so I did call in sick and got the job, so all worth it in the end!
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Don't focus on what you are running away from, focus on your future. Take the day off and don't think twice about it! Rise up
Thank you!