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What an inspiring story! I particularly love how you viewed your exit as similar to entry with negotiation. And fellow genearlist here, yay!!!
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I often feel like a jack of all trades, master of none. There’s something to be said about being a generalist. Your story is inspiring!
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Proud generalist here (capable of anything, and deeply understanding of early stage startup life- actually makes me a great executive leader) who is very impressed with your ability to negotiate a lay-off. That’s incredible and I love that mindset. Taking that energy into my offer negotiation process that will hopefully wrap up this week. Thanks so much for sharing, and I’d love to connect off the list.
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This was incredibly inspiring and empowering. Thank you SO much for sharing such an intimate part of your story--so, so blown away by your courage and how you walked back in and requested what you needed. Also a generalist myself and appreciated hearing your story.
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Wow, I am amazed at your tenacity and clarity in the wake of a very difficult experience. Bravo to standing up for yourself and asking for those things! Thank you for sharing your story :)
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Thank you for sharing! I've tried to do things very similarly since my Covid layoff in April, but you did some key things differently that shifted my perspective on what is possible for me to ask for in such a situation and at work in general. Really, really appreciate the share.Oh and yes, also a proud generalist!
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Thank you for sharing this! It's a very enlightening message for those who are currently facing layoffs during this pandemic. They say the worst things that happen to you end up being the best things that happens to you. Congratulations on your new role!
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Incredibly inspirational. Thank you for sharing! Kudos to you!