Seeking Advice - Physical Project to Digital Project Management

Hello All, I'm new to the group here but I am hoping someone can offer some advice. I used to be the project manager for a company that made custom gowns for stage and film but I transitioned to become a teacher for a bit. I'm finding myself missing the PM role. I have 5 years as a PM and 6 years teaching digital design software but i'm struggling to figure out where to get started. I feel like all the postings I find want marketing experiences that I can do, but don't have direct experiences. Anyone have any advice? I'm SO motivated to get back to doing what I love.

Wow, that's a wealth of experience! Project management for custom gowns sounds fascinating.Ok, so you have all the skills, it's just a matter of creating the right narrative and:1. demonstrating that on your resume2. conveying this in interviewsTo start off with, can you look at PM roles? What language are they using? What can you draw from? Was there anything analogous to marketing that you could include? I'd play up the relevant experience you do have and then for something less familiar, say "I have worked in this adjacent field and had similar responsibilities doing this. Here's an example."Happy to talk more! I did a ton of project management as an engineering manager for a digital product and am now a coach for women in
This is excellent advice! Thank you!!!
Hi @Bernetta178, the key to pivoting is a) updating all your personal branding materials to be in line with keywords for your new direction (resume, professional summary, linkedin profile, cover letter, video pitch, website/portfolio) b) pursuing reputable upskilling opportunities (use networking to understand which ones are worthwhile) and highlight these on your branding materials c) having a clear understanding of your target role/path so you understand the nuances of how people actually break in, in reality d) having a deep understanding of your target roles so you can easily speak to your fit during interviews e) working with a coach, mentor, or peer to see any gaps and areas for opportunity.BTW, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach, and we’ve helped numerous professionals with pivots like these. On my profile you can find my website link, and on there, you can find a 7-step guide to making a career pivot which will have some helpful tips for you! PS, I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I'm here to help!
Thanks so much Rachel! I’m working with a coach right now and we’ve been talking about a lot of the things you mentioned. All great advice!