More than a buzzword: how to actually build a diverse teamFeatured

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Thank you, Becca for writing for us! If you have a story to share, or know something who might, let us know [email protected] or DM me.
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I'm really digging your advice for active recruitment when you're not hiring! Those are fantastic ways to build your pool of candidates.
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"Don’t get me wrong, skills and experience will always be important, but how a candidate acquired them is not." Could not be more true! There are so many talented individuals with so much practical experience under their belt, but get dismissed because they don't have a paper to back it up. I definitely see this changing, but it's a bit slow. Question: What's it like working at The Wing? I've read so many positive experiences from women that work in their spaces but never for the company itself- very curious! Also, hoping that maybe one day they come to Amsterdam? (fingers crossed). Thanks so much for your time!
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This is great @beccahare! Do you have this published on Medium or somewhere in a sharable format?
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you can share the Elpha post it's publicly available! Click the "Share" button :)
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These are great recommendations! We're super committed to building diverse teams and an inclusive culture and we found that rewriting our job postings to remove any gendered language helped tremendously. Woman and non-binary folx are less likely to apply for jobs when they don't feel like they meet most (or all) of the requirements, so we intentionally reworded our job descriptions to focus on expected responsibilities, not hard requirements. There are also a lot great tools like Textio or Gender Decoder that can help mitigate some of the unconscious bias we tend to imbue in our language. Additionally, we know that what gets measured gets done, so we publicly publish our diversity numbers annually. Complete transparency helps hold us accountable. (If you're curious, can check out our D&I report here an unintended (but happy) consequence of sharing our D&I report, many candidates who come through our hiring pipeline cite the report as one of the reasons they were interested in our company. An organization that is committed to diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity is far more attractive to women, POC, gender and sexually diverse individuals, and other underrepresented groups in tech. It's become a very powerful recruitment tool for us, creating a virtuous cycle of attracting talent that has a vested interest in continuing to foster an inclusive environment. Win-win-win. 🙌🏻
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I love this so much! Thank you for sharing —“Don’t miss out on great candidates because they don’t fit into a cookie cutter job description.” Amen to that!
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Fantastic, Becca! Thanks for sharing this. The Wing's lucky to have you at the helm!
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LOVE THIS: "Rethink your baseline. If you’re hiring a product designer, the baseline might be a certain level of interaction or visual design skills, experience collaborating with a variety of disciplines, and ability to communicate design decisions to senior stakeholders. Do you need an advanced degree for any of this? Is it crucial to be an expert in Sketch? Is it a high priority for them to have a fancy design school certificate? No. So stop prioritizing it. Have a brainstorm with your team and cut down the role to its core function. Agree on what is non-negotiable in a new hire, and that includes soft skills such as openness to feedback and communication."That is fabulous advice for anyone. I hate when I see "degree from top-tier university" in a job requirement.
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This is amazing read and a great reminder that diversity needs to be introduced early, and to continue valuing diversity while growing the team. The best teams I've been apart of is because of how diverse it was. A diverse team also makes it very attractive for candidates!