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Love this, especially Lesson 6. Thank you for sharing!
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These lessons and takeaways are invaluable! 🙌 Thanks for taking the time to reflect, write, and share with us.
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Thank you for sharing. It was difficult life lessons learned from readers point of view, even more so that you are the person who went through all of these!
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Lesson 4....oof. Been there!
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There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this post! Loved the part about not letting the desire to leave mean you’re not doing good work and also not letting others rejections of your abilities keep you from aspiring for more. Will definitely bookmark this. Thank you for sharing your story, Chelsea!
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Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing, Chelsea! I've bookmarked this :)
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So much of this resonates. I particularly am drawn to Lesson 3. In my case, I was a classroom teacher in Oakland teaching computer science and encouraging others in the district to do the same. I was de facto coordinating computer science for the district in addition to my primary role, so I went to the district and advocated for central leadership over the CS program. At first, I wasn't trying to make a position for myself, but more that if computer science were to be a priority somebody needed to wake up everyday and own that work. They agreed that there was a need and that I should run the district-wide program. That role opened up so many unexpected doors, including in VC -- you know, the elusive public education to venture jump -- and now founding a company with a key collaborator during my district tenure.Thanks for sharing this!
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Thank you so much for your vulnerability and authenticity, Chelsea! I definitely need to adopt that mantra. As someone relatively early in their career, I've still let feedback from previous managers haunt me, and that negative voice grows even louder in times of rejection. It's a good reminder that who I am is how I respond, not what was said to me, by someone else years ago.
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So timely and what I needed to start this morning! Each lesson has wisdom behind it, what great advice for many in different stages of their career journey. Thank you thank you!!! 🙏🏼
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Helllll yeah. Really needed to hear this today, I love the thought, "I choose to categorize the act of preserving beyond acts of rejection as another reason why I am resilient." Feels so good to build myself up with that mantra too.
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So inspiring Chelsea! As someone who has taken not so straight career paths that seemed scary initially, lesson 5 hits home. I’m currently in that process again and it’s been simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking; so grateful for the timing of this resilience guide ❤️
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I'm going to bookmark, print and frame this article so I can see it every day, thank you so much for sharing @chelseagoddard 🙏
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A true fighter, I must say. Loved it
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Love these! Thank you so much for taking the time to share!
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Lesson nr 5 splendid! This is me for real.
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This post truly hit home - especially the "always ask for more" piece. Thank you very much, Chelsea.
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Bookmarking, for the days when I am down. Thank you for sharing, so happy to read something relatable!!
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Being at the very early stages of my career, this is an important reminder to not settle for less, break the barriers that women more often than not are facing in the workplace and not be phased by rejection! Thank you for sharing @chelseagoddard