Age Didn’t Stop This Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned For This JourneyFeatured

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Just phenomenal Melissa, no words can explain the feeling I have on reading your post. It's so good, it's important to come out of comfort zone, it's okay to be not in a pack, takes a lot of introspection, listening to our inner self, and courage to do the things that you have done. Really proud and happy for you.I also felt a small tinge of happiness as I was able to see myself through your journey. Wishing only the best for you and indipop.
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Thank you Sambhavi for your comments, made my day :-)
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Hi Melissa,I’m right there with ya! I started my current company path at age 50 and am turning 55 this year. As my daughter says, I’ve reached level 55 in the game of life. Well, when you put it like that!… 💪🦸‍♀️🥷🏼👸
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I started saying level 5 too!
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Out of the mouth of babes (this time not totally embarrassing but actually helpful). 😳😆
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Such a great story: warm and inspiring. I am right there with you, @MelBlatt, each person's journey is unique and necessary. In certain fields, such as #healthcare, no amount of youthful energy or even talent can substitute for the knowledge that what truly motivates you is helping others (and knowing how to do it without driving them crazy:)Since I work in the adjacent field - we built Pillcheck, personalized genetic analysis technology, to optimize health and health benefits spending - I would be happy to share thoughts on scaling and building alliances for growth.
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Hello MelissaWay to go. Everything you say is true. I started my company at 50 and growing it year to year!.
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LOVE this Melissa, super inspiring. :)
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Just what I needed to read !
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Your story inspired me a lot! I often thought about trying to have it all figured out but what you shared really put myself at ease. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!