Coping with anxiety and panic short vid

Over 40 million adults (19.1% of the population) have an anxiety disorder in the U.S.You do not have to suffer alone.

One technique that helped me is "replacing the thought." Imagine your mind as a house and thoughts as guests. You have the power to decide who enters, just like you wouldn't open your door to an unwelcome visitor. You choose not to engage with that thought and instead focus on something else. This technique requires practice, but it can become a powerful tool for managing anxiety.

In additional to seeking professional help, here are tools that have been shared with the indipop community.

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Wow I actually expected more, so I am somewhat "pleasantly surprised" that said, we can still work on decreasing this number!Curious, how are anxiety disorders diagnosed? Are there clinical tests that are performed? And do general practitioners do so or psychiatrists? I am completely ignorant on the topic!
Primary care providers have been known to diagnose and prescribe medication, but that is just one route. There are assessments and questionnaires to help create a treatment plan under professional care.
Very good to know that it's being identified under clinical supervision.
a couple of things that helped me --- when I first started experiencing it, my therapist asked me to put my hand on my chest + say "I'm feeling anxiety right now." this helped release the pressure of the emotion while not suppressing it. I continued this for a long time. another thing I've learned is to hold space of love with the anxiety -- this is where I find true transformation. and lastly, verbiage is so important. I'm an anxious person is drastically different than I'm feeling anxiety - the former gives away your power to the anxiety + I believe that this is how many spiral into attacks because they lean into the power of the emotion. Eckart Tolle says to ask something very simple when you're feeling anxiety, "am I still breathing?" I also love this. xo
All are really great just how we talk to ourselves makes a big difference. Staying in the present helps me not spiral into all the what ifs!