Dubai-based Elphas- Aloha!

Aloha, I am based out of Los Angeles but will be visiting Dubai March 2-8th. About me: I work in innovation consulting, a past founder, was on the show “The Apprentice” recently, and a combat sports athlete for about 19 years (Muay Thai, boxing, tae kwon do). Would be super excited to meet with some Elphas who are based there that are either interested in entrepreneurship, sports, and content creation. Looking to create some content while I am there! Here is my LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me here or there!

Oh MA GAHD! A Dubai Elpha meetup, here for it!Maybe @mashalwaqar @veltadestiana @AdeleOg @carmin @KateEdwards @navikaagrawal (if still there?) @simranraichandanii will be there so you can have a little cute hangout :) Please send pics! i have so much fomo!Also mind retrying linking your LinkedIn, it didn't go through!
2 months late but I am here! Would love to connect. Who is still in Dubai and wants to chat or meet? Please message or comment.
Carmin! are you there permanently? I will likely be doing a trip in the region later this year and would love to connect!
Yes, I am a resident here. When will you be traveling?
Hey @iasha! I'm not Dubai based but am following this post because I am definitely considering looking at job opps there. I visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi last week and had the best time!
Also adding a few @rpandya @Nazimasultana @lubka have fun ladiessss