Growing sustainable Fashion & Home Brand seeking feedback

Looking for insights from sophisticated, sustainably minded customers. 20 minute founder interview, eager to hear your opinions in exchange for discount or free gift!

Please contact if interested!

[email protected] or simply @ yourself in comments!

Congrats on your business! I'm interested! Hopefully you get lots of interviews, we need more sustainable products
love it! I'd love to chat!
Hi Iynna! Let me know when you can chat. I'm gathering information for a presentation on Tuesday so before then if possible. You can find a time on my calendar here - or just reach out to me directly via my email - [email protected].
Love it! I’d love to chat
Hi Erin! I'm @glenelys and would love to chat
Hi @glenelys !! Thank you for reaching out. You can schedule a time using my Calendly below. So grateful to you!x
Hi Erin. I'd love to connect! Sustainability throughout my home is incredibly important to me. I steer clear of all big box shops and shop from brands like Everand, Uncommon Goods, and of course second hand shops.