Great Cultures Are Made, Not BornFeatured

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@WendyRyan, I enjoyed reading your publication. There were many points which resonated. Specifically, stories being used as tools to communicate the values of an organization. In addition, you bring attention to "unlearning in order to learn new things" can often be a challenge in many organizations. However, with the future of work in our midst there will be a variety of responses. Thank you for sharing!
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I'm glad my article resonated with you, @joynicolesmith. Thanks for taking time to share! :)
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Great article Wendy! These are things I think about a lot having spent time both on the inside trying to change culture at both a startup level and within large tech companies (when my day job was leading design teams), and now as a coach / consultant to CEOs who want culture change but also many other things (profit/success/impact). Any interest in chatting / connecting over kindred values?
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Definitely, @tutti - just sent you a DM.
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Great article @WendyRyan! Thanks for sharing your insights.
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Glad you enjoyed it, @JaneHoffacker!