From first grade teacher to Staff Engineer at TeslaFeatured

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Thank you Rosie for writing for us! If you have a story to share with us, or know someone who does, send us a note at We'd love to hear from you.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Rosie! Such an important reminder to recognize and appreciate the value from ALL of our previous experiences. This is something I've come to (finally) appreciate as well. In the end all of our unique and often times, 'non linear' career trajectory/ experiences is what really helps us become the unique, successful professionals we are today.
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Thanks, Whitney! I agree it's a journey to get to the point of appreciation, but hopefully we can make it more 'normal'. Now, when I'm hiring, I try to look at candidates who have a breadth of experiences, because I understand they're going to bring value to the team that we wouldn't get by everyone following the same, more traditional trajectory.
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I love love love hearing from fellow English majors, and I totally agree that having this sort of a background sets you up for success, especially in the communication arena. Congrats on your amazing achievements — can I get a Tesla tour?! 🤣😂🤠
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Hey Rosie, I can't tell you how encouraging this is right now. I'm transitioning from a teaching role, and this really hits home for me. Thank you for sharing!
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Hey Joywood1270! Now that it's April 25, where are you in this journey? I'm just starting my transition-out-of-teaching and would love to talk with you about how you approached it and what it's looked like.
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yes! solidarity in role transitions! I know you'll find all of your people and time management skills from teaching incredibly useful in whatever you do next
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This is so awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing, Joy!
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Thank you for sharing!! This is amazing!!
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Hey Rosie, thanks so much for sharing your story. As someone wrapping up social enterprise x tech work and transitioning to the private sector side, your story motivates me to stay focused on long-term goals. Wishing you all the best!
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Yay! Good luck on your role transition and I hope you enjoy the journey too!
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Thank you for sharing your experience. This statement really hit me - " I see that everything I’ve done has made me the engineer I am today." At times it is easy to look back at specific points in my career where I felt I should have done something differently because it took me longer to get where I am today. However, I certainly agree that I wouldn't be the leader I am today without those experiences.
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Thank you so much for your honesty, I was so inspired as I read this. I am a kindergarten teacher turned engineer, and now I am teaching again, but specifically teaching people programming at a nonprofit called Year Up. I am working on a passion project where I will be providing free workshops to women and part of my website will be a blog highlighting incredible women and their stories. Would you mind being the first one who shares her story? My email is if you'd like to connect there instead.
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I know you posted this awhile ago but it popped up on my homepage for some reason today. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I'm in the middle of making a career transition myself (after many not-so-related jobs in the past) and your story reminded me not to forget about all the great experience I've gained at each of those positions - leadership, training, management, interviewing/hiring candidates, dealing with conflicts, watching a company rise and fall, the list goes on... I'll have to continue to remind myself of these advantages I have when I start feeling that impostor syndrome kick in. Thanks Rosie!
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This came to me at the right time. Thank you so much. So, so much.