Anyone have a personal website they are particularly proud of? Looking for inspiration for job hunt.

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You might think it's rubbish (all opinions are valid) but I like the portfolio section of my personal site. The content needs to be tweaked/updates but I think it captures the scope of my work well
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Beautifully done.
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This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you!
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Not mine, but was really impressed with: a great resource for inspiration:
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Awesome, thank you!
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Hi @emilyallen! I am pretty happy with the current state of my site. I've struggled with where the line is on how much of myself to include, but it's pretty representative of me as a whole human. :-)
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Looks like you found a great balance! Well done and thanks for sharing!
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I built my website few months ago after I started doing startup business consulting:
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This is so great! Well done!