Advice for a Marketing Student

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Tagging @jenmy who may be able to help!
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Thanks @teresaman. Hi @katherinepotter! I would start with thinking of your target companies/agencies and go from there. There's a good book (or get the video summary on Youtube haha) called "The 2 hour job search". It's about being focused on your search and listing your top companies and then finding alumni that work at that company or field. I would definitely utilize your career resources at your school to figure out contacts there. Are there any advertising campaigns that you've loved? Find the company or agency that did it and request an informational interview so you can learn more about their role and day to day work and if they're open to it ask if they have other contacts that would be open to talking to you. I find the network is pretty small in Canada and I would assume especially so in Montreal but there's lots of amazing agencies and companies based there. When you're starting out, you want a broad experience level and then as you gain experience, you'll get more specialized. Good luck with the search. I'm going through the same thing (still in marketing but difference phase of my life and I just moved back to Toronto) but I find it helps if you have an online tracker to try to "gameify" it. I use AirTable to track people, jobs and companies.