Please support my launch on Product Hunt today!

Hi Elpha community! My startup, Spiritune, just launched today on Product Hunt. As a tech-focused community, I'd love to have the support of the Elpha community in joining the conversation and showing us some love. Please considering spreading the word as well! Spiritune is a music health app that utilizes music therapy principles to help users reduce stress, regulate emotions and boost productivity and performance. Please check us out!
Congratulations on your launch!
Thank you @TeresaMayede!
Upvoted, @Jamiepabst! Congratulations!
Thank you!
Congratulations and Happy growing! I'm curious, how long did it take for you to build the product and launch it?
Tough to say exactly, b/c I worked on the science portion as a side hustle when I was in my former career. Once I got a team together and raised capital, it took 3.5 months to build the beta and another 6 months to get a full product in the market. It took us a month to coordinate a launch on Product Hunt. Feel free to DM me for more details :)
Congrats on the launch...It looks amazing!
Thank you!
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Thank you!