The Power of Self Education in TechFeatured

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Love this! I am a firm believer in the power of a complementing a traditional "hard skills" background (i.e. business) with more humanities-based "soft skills" such as art and photography.
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Great article. I especially appreciate this as I'm currently going through a career transition myself. I'm taking tech courses through Skillcrush and completely changing my career path, which before, was in banking and very far from anything 'tech-y'. Definitely, I have to be willing to make mistakes and not be the best at everything from the start. That will come with time.
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Great story. Thanks for sharing! I love the advice that it's not that people are smarter in any way, it's just that they read more or had more experience. This is something I'm starting to realize and it makes such a huge difference to constantly feeling like an imposter.
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This was one of my favorite takeaways too! It’s a question of experience, not intelligence. Which is why, when I catch myself saying, “Ugh, a better developer/founder/whatever than me would think this problem is SO easy,” I reframe it as: “Future Me is going to think this is SO easy, because she’s done it before.”
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Thanks for sharing! This is a great post, with super helpful takeaways especially for those looking at next steps in their career. Always being open to learning, and knowing it gets easier as you gain more experience is key.