Elpha Techies – Allison Barr Allen: Career progression is a marathon, rather than a sprint.Featured

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Oooh, love this new feature! Thanks for your time, Allison and Jessica!I completely agree with being intentional in your hires. As I was reading this, I immediately thought of one or two ladies off the top of my head that are fantastic workers but would need to be poached — talented people too often feel trapped in a current job situation and just need someone to show them the right opportunity. If that someone happens to me woohoo then so be it, but I hope that there are lots of such someones on Elpha!💗💗💗
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Thanks Jessica and Allison!Couldn't agree more with, "Get operational experience. Immerse yourself in the fast paced, diverse work of startups. In these roles, you gain unbeatable hands on experience in a wide range of tasks and types of problem solving." It can be quite overwhelming at first but you kind of have to dive in and swim. Honestly, I think that's the hardest part and the rest can be quite exciting. Getting knee deep into the different aspects of a startup and training your brain to be solution based is key. Loved reading this, thank you ladies!
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This is a great read, thanks @jessli and @ABA. The prioritization portion is so important and something I’ve been trying to focus on so it’s very reinforcing to read.