Between my mom and Oprah, I have everything I need to thrive in life. I'm Jessica Grayson, Elpha Community ManagerFeatured

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Thanks for sharing, Jessica! More proof that kick-ass, hard working mom's raise strong and powerful daughters! Really enjoyed reading through this and getting to learn a bit more about my fellow CM!
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Can't wait to read yours!
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You’re amazing! Thanks for sharing 🌹Also: My gut told me to get on Elpha. I love my gut.
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Thanks for sharing. Your Mum sounds amazing and you def caught a lot from her- you are rocking it! Agreed on trusting your gut...everytime.
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Thank you!!! I really appreciate that. She is totally amazing!
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Jessica, thanks so much for sharing. Your life really resonates with me and it is refreshing to know that others have been (or currently are) in a similar situation as I'm in (or have been). It's like a form of therapy. I'm grateful to have a wonderful mentor and she told me something that really clicked about my low confidence which I'll share with you: she said, "Angela you're looking at it from a negative view. You don't have confidence issues, you just need to practice what high confidence is." She had me look up things people do who have high confidence and I practiced those actions. Example: stop apologizing so much! That difference in mindset really helped me a lot. Hope the same for you. Thanks again!
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I think that is a lovely way to approach it! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!
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Hi Jessica - thanks for sharing, what an interesting story. I can definitely relate to the stress of relocating out here with spouse and pets. My question is a little off-topic but I'm asking because you're a community manager. I looked at the jobs section and I see that Y C partners can post positions. How does one become a partner for this? I have a few strong connections up the Y C foodchain but maybe it's simple enough that I don't need to bug them?
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I'm unsure about this as I am not a part of YC... maybe @cadran would know?