This is a great time to invest, right? What should I focus on?

I am super interested in using this horrendous situation to at least get an opportunity to invest while the market is low. During the housing recession, I got hit soooo hard and was not in a position to invest when the market was down. I'd like to invest now into some standard funds, and into some areas where I am familiar with the industry in healthcare and certain tech stocks. What do you think would be good investments?
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SAME!!! I've been trying to learn as much as I can so I can hop in soon, so am listening to podcasts like Invest like the Best. Am also reading blogs like The Motley Fool and Free the Nickel. Really hope some elphas with experience chime in!
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Hi! My best advice would be to remember the benefits of diversification. Consider spreading your investments across different industries or geographies and do a little bit of research into the actual business you're investing in. If that is apple, or amazon, its high profile enough to know whats driving the value, but if its something like Berkshire Hathaway, its worth seeing what they actually invest in - to see if it aligns with what you think. Remember some top tips - investing should be for the long term. Avoid impulse moves and dont invest all your money, save some in cash in case of larger spending or emergencies. Also dont forget to review your pensions at a time like this!!I have a site called Reitly. We are still MVP but we are working on some cool new releases such as a personalised investment dashboard and net worth forecasting tools as well as some investment demo accounts (to test without risks). I would love it if you signed up for a free account and followed us on instagram ( for free, independent and neutral info. Sign up here......