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This was beautifully written, thank you for sharing! All of this rings true as a recent grad trying to "connect the dots" on my career path
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Thank you Lauren. I know this will sound like a line from a cheesy self-help book, but you have to create those dots now (work, explore, learn) so that you can later connect them (job, career, focused passion).
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This is such a moving and inspiring post - for all of us, no matter where we are in the trajectory of life. Thank you
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Thank you Ellen, that is so kind! How many times have you had to "start over" when it came to your career?
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Wow, thank you for taking your time to share this. This is really powerful. Empower yourself and don't expect others to hold you up. Take the first step to be who you want to be. I really believe that being a student and a teacher is how leaders move people. There is a balance of vulnerability and inspiration. That's what people want, someone who recognize that they, like everyone else, is not perfect, but they push forward because the best part about not being perfect is that there is always more space to grow. I help companies innovate and improve engagement through design thinking. I work with leaders and teams, and the most frequent thing I hear is that people feel like they can't change their boss, their corporate culture, their teams. They feel stuck because they are always discouraged/disappointed when they trust, and make themselves vulnerable. Of course people can leave, and they do. But many times, their new roles/teams/etc. are no better. That's what I want to change. Give people more space in their jobs to take ownership over something they want to do. Innovation is a great way to do so, and we see people excited and empowerd after design thinking sessions. Not everyone feels ready to share, but with the right prompts, many do share their brilliant thoughts. So thank you for sharing! It's a good reminder that we should continue to create our own paths.
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Thank you for your thoughtful post Vicky. I 100% agree with you-- trust is the foundation of any healthy, growing relationship. Being a leader means you have to be vulnerable first. Would love to hear more about your journey. Have you worked for a great boss before? How did they show up for you?
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Thank you! This spoke to me and I absolutely love it!
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Thank you Amanda! What spoke to you the most? Would love to learn more about your journey
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Great post! I especially enjoyed your comment on "There is no such thing as being ahead or behind" - especially since many girls/women in STEM feel they are behind with techbros who have been "coding since they were 8". Growth mindset is key.
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This resonated so much with me too! I have had many different very jobs in very different industries since graduating college and I am really trying to not let that be a negative thing in my own self narrative anymore. I'm nearing the end of a web developer bootcamp and am super excited, yet super nervous, about what the future holds for me career-wise. Thank you for all the thoughtful advice; I will try to take it with me while I make this transition!
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Thank you Christine. I am excited for what's to come for you! Pivoting careers/subjects is hard, but worth it
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Thanks Lucky! I get it. Keep being challenged and pulling from all of your experiences. You have a lot to contribute from there.
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Thanks for sharing this, Cybele! I can relate in that my background is also full of what I once thought were many disparate, divergent industries+skills. I've recently made a career pivot into tech and ux/product design, and I'm learning to leverage all my past experiences into valuable assets. Your story spoke to me at the right time.P.S. I've been a Betterment customer for quite some time now and love it - great service and UX :)
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Thank you Celia! Buried within your experiences are lessons and breakthroughs. Glad we could connect.
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Thank you so much for sharing! My path into technology and within the technology industry has also been a series of trial and error. Each time, I try to frame it in a way of "what can I take away from this experience?" and focus on the types of skills I can acquire. I like how you approached your transition into technology leveraging on your skill sets and the immediate value you can bring. Would you be open to sharing your story (even from this post) and strategy with women in Hawaii through a live webinar? I am the Economic Development Specialist at the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation, a state agency dedicated to driving the growth of Hawaii's tech economy and workforce. We are putting together a "Women in Tech Series" and I am sure many women here in Hawaii would benefit from hearing from you.
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Hi there! Thank you for your kind words. I would love to learn more. Feel free to email me at [email protected]