Are there any California-based freelancers, 1099 consultants or freelancers in this group (or anyone who can speak to this) who know how to this class of workers can actually apply for unemployment benefits that freelancers are newly eligible for? Although all of the announcements about the new legislation points us you to the CA EDD ( ), the EDD online application process is still claiming that only W2 workers are eligible. The site still says "Self-employment or independent contractor cannot be listed as last employer. Provide your last W-2 employer" Has anyone figured this out yet? I am trying to help a small group of women 1099s with this issue
Not sure if this is relevant to freelancers but another Elpha member shared this resource for those who've lost their jobs in California:
thank you!
I'm trying to figure this out as well, but it seems the CA unemployment system may not be set up to accept this kind of work for a few more weeks. Though I did notice on the website today that it indicated it would be down for maintenance tonight (so maybe that means they're making the appropriate updates?). According to this article it seems unlikely though: If I figure anything out I'll be sure to let you know! And I'd love to hear about any info you come across.
Thanks! Yesterday we tried but it still says "The EDD is working with deliberate speed to stand up this new program and the other new provisions to serve unemployed Californians, including the self-employed. Californians should follow the current instructions on this page regarding potential UI benefits with more details to come later in the week."
I just spent a few minutes looking this up, and it's immediately obvious why virtually every freelancer/consultant/contractor I know is confused. There are directly conflicting messages about this in the press and even from officials and experts. The CA EDD's site says "The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a brand new program. The EDD is working quickly with state partners to set up this new program to serve unemployed Californians who don’t usually qualify for regular state UI benefits, including the self-employed." That suggests the program isn't ready to process cases from non-traditional workers yet (unless you claim to be misclassified OR unless you previously paid into an unemployment insurance pool). But a Bay Area Labor Attorney Bill Sokol is quoted in CNBC as saying "California appears to be accepting applications from gig and other workers, and sorting out how to treat those applications behind the scenes...The whole thrust here in California ...has been, ‘Apply right away for anything you may be eligible for...The [Employment Development Department] will figure it out,’” he said. Yet in another article from Wednesday, Aubrey Henry, a spokesperson for the California Employment Development Department, or EDD, is quoted as saying "The self-employed, part-time and gig workers must apply for their money through the California Employment Development Department. But the state agency said this week it still hasn’t received instructions from the federal government for how to make the money available. ...We are awaiting direction at the federal level. We haven’t gotten instructions on how to implement the benefits,” said this week. “We’re waiting for them anxiously like all states are.” After skimming the most recent and relevant 10 or so articles on this, the majority of them suggest that CA Is not yet able to process these claims unless you're alleging to be misclassified or if you previously paid into unemployment insurance, but it might still be worth calling EDD to find out just in case, if you can tolerate the long hold times. Good luck to everyone!
I've been trying to figure this out and filed the normal UI and was rejected. I FINALLY figured it out!! We can't file until april 28, but pay may be backdated from feb 2. It says "When to File" at the very bottom. Hope this helps everyone on this thread!