Video chat technology

Hey everyone! My cofounder and I (both technical founders!) are looking into a product idea that would leverage video chat. We're know we're not the only ones thinking about this right now, so we'd love to hear what worked for others: WebRTC, linking to Zoom meetings, bluejeans API? Any tips appreciated!
We're looking at video chat too. CCing @Nina who's the CEO of a video chat API called who may have opinions to share.
Thank you! Will look into it.
Looking for video chat too! GreatThanks
My work is fully online and according to me, these online meetings are more comfortable rather than face to face.A task that I find really challenging during my online meetings is taking notes.My days are filled with Zoom calls, and I relied on pen and paper to take notes this whole time. For a change, I recently began using Marsview Notes. It captured my meetings quickly, took my notes for me, and shared everything that was discussed in the call via email. It was definitely worth the upgrade. (