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Hi Swati!Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the Elpha community! This really resonated with me, "Women, in particular, need to become better at saying “no” when they don’t get what they are promised". I for one, can absolutely relate to this. Saying no has taken practice for me; the more I exercise my "no's" the easier and more rewarding it has become. It's sharing experiences like yours, on platforms like Elpha that really help women gain perspective on similar situations they may find themselves in. Thanks again for sharing!
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Thanks for reading, Whitney! I absolutely agree that sharing personal experiences is valuable and I'm glad more of us are able to do so with tools like Elpha :).
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Hi Swati, thanks for sharing your experience. Particularly found helpful the bit on applying to many companies and having the law of probability on your side as well as not getting attached to brands/companies. I'm currently seeking for a new job and I think I may have gotten attached to the idea of working with a specific brand but recently I decided to try out many different options and see how that goes. Reading this in a way kind of affirmed that decision.
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So glad you thought so, Yami! Being more positive through the job search is so important for our mental health.
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Thank you Swati for sharing your job hunting journey and lessons with us! We're excited to feature more public posts written by Elpha members.If you're down to share your story on how you got your job, lessons learned, and surprises along the way, send us your draft
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This right here!! Thank you so much for being straight up honest. I've been feeling very discouraged after a few interviews. Maybe I am not fit for the job? Maybe I am not good enough? Maybe they can't see my potential? However, im allowing myself to trust the process. Reading this has been very helpful. Thank YOU!
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Laws of probability! You'll find something amazing soon. Thanks for reading :).
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Thank you so much for sharing this. There is very tangible and helpful information provided here!
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Hi Swati!Thank you so much for sharing your experiences so thoughtfully and eloquently. I'm currently in tech and have experience with product management and success/account management. I'm interested in learning more about marketing—wondering what resources you'd recommend checking out.Thank you!
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Hi Larissa, so sorry about the late reply! I think it’s so great that you want to take the time to learn cross functionally :). Too many people become departmentally siloed. In terms of resources, there are some EdX and Coursera classes on marketing analytics and statistics that I’ve found very useful. I also learned a lot by reading Neil Patel’s content almost obsessively for several months :D. The most useful thing, however, is always to find a mentor or expert friend to walk you through a project or two. The tech industry changes so rapidly, as you know, that an article or book written even a year ago could have already become largely irrelevant. The people working on the front line and creating those cutting edge methods and strategies are the best sources of information.
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Thank you so much, Swati! This is so helpful :)