Curious about egg freezing? Join Alyssa Atkins, Lilia founder, on Aug 28 @ 12pm ET for an interactive lunch & learn (virtual)!

Join us for a virtual group hang on Aug 28 from 12pm -1pm ET! Lilia founder, @alyssaatkins, will share her personal experience freezing her eggs and options available to explore your fertility health. We will have a Q&A period where you can get allll your questions answered. Limited spots available to keep the group interactive, sign up here: your lunch 🥙 and your curiosity 🙋! #getmoreinfo #getthefacts #reproductiveequity
Fascinating - on this same topic I have loved this
Iynna have you actually used sheswell? I tried to use it once and it brought me to a screen that recommended doing squats to improve fertility - it was weird. Also doesn't look like you can actually get a payment plan from them right now.