How to become a freelancer/independent contractor

Hi all!

I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to become a freelancer/independent contractor outside of using CMS like wordpress? I have a few years experience w/ Angular/React frameworks and have built a few custom progressive web applications. Id love to break out and have more flexibilty since I homeschool my kids too.


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Hi @tiffanypena, have you tried or
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Thanks! I will give those a try, but I was hoping to find something independently.
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Hi @tiffanypena if you'd like support from a Career Coach as you navigate creating and pursuing this entrepreneurial journey, let me know! I help with all of the areas you'll require - branding yourself, upskilling, networking/finding clients, learning from others, etc. I can help you create a gameplan and a roadmap to help you get things going. If you'd like to chat, I offer a free initial career coaching call here --