Peppercorn Parley: Ask an HR | Leadership Development Consultant with Joshua Encarnacion - Friday April 22

Join us at our next Peppercorn Parley: Ask an HR | Leadership Development Consultant with Joshua Encarnacion

Fri, April 22, 2022, at 11 AM - 12 PST (2 - 3 PM EST)

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Joshua is dedicated to activating people's FULL potential through the application of systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and a principle-centered approach to leadership development.

As a coach, consultant, and advisor, the central focus of his work is striking a balance between growing and helping others grow as healthy people and accomplished professionals responsible for organizations creating positive change.

Through experiences with big tech, SMB, and start-up companies, he’s successfully coached 5,000+ career professionals, designed/delivered 750+ pieces of training, and was directly involved in hiring, onboarding, and managing 4,000+ talented teammates. He uses these experiences as a foundation for supporting his clients at the individual, team, organizational, and executive levels.

On the weekends, he is busy with fam enjoying EXTRA LOUD karaoke 🎙 or dancing bachata, OR BOTH! 🇩🇴

Peppercorn Parleys are conversations revolving around the journey to What's Next! Get the latest insights, tools, resources, and insights that can help you get clarity and confidence in your professional career. Hear from leaders, HR folks, hiring managers, recruiters, and even individuals on their own journey to What's Next.

Lirui Li, Peppercorn Head of Community, will discuss Joshua’s own career journey along with his advice on finding the right job and carving the right career path for you — as well as YOUR questions! Register today and submit questions you have for Joshua!

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Oh no! I wish I had seen this sooner. Aligned with my situation. Is there a replay or key takeaways?
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Good morning! This event is today if you can still attend. The replay and key takeaways will be on our community site in a week. You can also sign up for our emails and will get the notification that it has been posted sooner! :)
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Hi @trenee Here is the link to the takeaways! it helps and do feel free to join the Discovery program to help you write your story at