Free Career Coaching Platform to help you get to What's Next!

Almost 2 years into COVID & the world around us has dramatically changed. Especially the way we look for What's Next in our careers & what really matters.

Getting to what's next is not only about writing your resume but being able to articulate:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer, &
  • Where you are going and
  • What you have done

Peppercorn Discovery provides FREE 4-week online career coaching that helps you do this.

In Discovery you receive:

  • A guided online curriculum to be completed at your own pace
  • 24X7 online peer community support
  • The latest trends, tools &, resources for searching for What’s Next
  • One place to document and store your career journey as it grows
  • Weekly online group career coaching sessions (optional)
  • Access to Monthly events with senior leaders (optional) &
  • Networking with others looking for What’s Next (optional)

Through the program, you will develop clarity & confidence to be able to tell your story to network to What’s Next by building your own Marketing Portfolio that you can use to apply for jobs and network.

  • Bio (who you are, what you offer & where you are going)
  • Networking letter
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume

You can learn more & get instant access here

I look forward to supporting you in your journey &, having clarity on What's Next!

urvi bhandari - Chief Coach & Founder | |

PS: The program has helped many folks gain clarity for What's Next. However, our technology is still in the beta stage. Hence, we are currently offering this for free for a limited as we work through building out the technology. Your participation and feedback will be very appreciated along with patience with the technology :)

@urvib So glad to see you sharing more Peppercorn! I think Peppercorn is such an excellent resource for folks, and I loved my experience last summer. It helped me articulate where I've been, where I'm going, and how I'm going to get there at a time when I felt so lost and over my head, I wasn't sure which way to turn. The process was enlightening and invigorating, as well as (appropriately) challenging. The more time goes on, the more I get out of my Peppercorn lessons. I keep coming back to many of the exercises again to help me practice gaining clarity and self awareness.So if you're on the fence about if you should try this or not...THIS IS YOUR SIGN! DO THE THING! Also happy to answer any questions about my experience as well if that's helpful to folks. Cheers and happy growing :)
@WillowRae This is the program I was telling you about!
@urvib is an outstanding mentor/coach. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and passionate about helping others achieve success. I was part of her last fall cohort, and I learned a lot about myself, especially how to advocate for myself. Her coaching style is designed for you to gain self-confidence and give you better tools to navigate through these unprecedented times. After her coaching, I felt more empowered throughout my job search. Her coaching covers many aspects that many of us are facing right now: DEI, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, immigration, etc. I encourage everyone that is looking for a career coach to reach out to @urvib Thanks for everything @urvib πŸ™πŸΎπŸ€—
@urvib I found the Peppercorn 4 week program to be eye opening. I had worked myself into a blackhole of confusion as I tried to fit myself to whatever roles I found interesting. Urvi's coaching (which is personal, empathetic and actionable all at once) helped me to own my narrative and be selective about what I wanted next! I also enjoyed connecting with people in different career stages and learning from their thought process and experiences. That's what made the program fun.The content in the platform is well thought through!I am excited to follow Peppercorn's work and evolution. Definitely recommend trying this out. It will amp up your search, as well as boost you with a network you can rely on for support during the process.
I am extremely grateful for my experience with @urvib and Peppercorn. I wanted to make a career change to be more connected to my purpose. I started asking myself the bigger questions about life, what I wanted to do. I didn't know where/how to start seeking for what I wanted to do next. Peppercorn gave me the framework, structure, tools and community support to figure out what I wanted, and how to build a new personal brand to connect with the right opportunity. Every recommended step was super actionable and we spent quality time with a group to give each other feedback and offer support. I do believe Peppercorn was key to help me land my new job. Thanks Peppercorn team.
Thank you @urvib for sharing this course. This is exactly what I need as I consider making a career pivot. Very excited to participate in one of the courses.
@JCLindquist we just relaunched the cohorts - we have 4 starting in the next week so do sign up at this link to get into one of them. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey!
Terrific! I will make sure to sign up. 😊