$10K Grant opportunity for female, non-binary, and BIPOC foundershttps://voodle.com/voodle-visionaries-grant/

Hi Elpha community!! My company Voodle is sponsoring a very cool grant competition - are there any early stage founders out there that would want a chance to get this grant? The application is super easy - short form plus a 60 second pitch video. Hit me up if you have questions & please help spread the word. Thank you!! - Rachel

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I would love to participate, thanks! Feel free to DM!
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Awesome - info and link to apply in this page. Ping me with questions!! Https://voodle.com/grant
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I'd love to participate! <3
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Awesome! Details are here but let me know if you have any questions! Terrain looks very cool. I hope you apply!! https://voodle.com/voodle-visionaries-grant/
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This is really cool. I've shared with our DEI council and will pass along to past clients who fit the bill.
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Thank you so much for the support!
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our pleasure - do you need any other folks to join in to support demo days or judges? My team would be interested.
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Oh shoot! We locked down judges prior to launch but it would have been awesome to have you involved. Next year! Also, if you or someone on your team is up for it, we have this stream of "advice voodles" (60 second videos) for the applicants... want to add to it? If yes, just reply - I will get it and then add it to the stream. https://app.voodle.com/share/uCeRJI0
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We would love to participate next time as a judge if you don't mind keeping us in mind. We are up for creating an advice voodle. Would you mind proofreading our idea for a script? I want to make sure our message aligns with your overall strategy. My email is [email protected] if it's easier to take the convo to email.
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I'd love to participate. My email is [email protected]
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I would love to participate!
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Deadline is tonight (midnight PST)!!!
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Hi Rachel, So bummed I missed this! Do you know if other similar opportunities will come again? Thanks!