How do you give back to the community?

Perhaps you work at a place that has put in place a volunteering/pro bono program to help those in need? Or outside of your own working hours, you are involved in some organisations? Whatever that looks like, we are eager to hear the type of work/things you do to give back :-)
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I volunteer with the charter school down the street from me for different events throughout the year! I’ve always loved working with kids, and even though I may not ever have my own, I know how important strong public schools are to my community. I get to help work on fundraising events, be involved with folks in my neighborhood, and it’s a ton of fun. We are about to move cities and I am planning to find something similar in my new neighborhood to help jump in and make friends too!
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I volunteer extensively for the American Legion. As a veteran, I find fulfillment in giving of my strengths and talents to help other veterans who maybe aren't as fortunate as me.
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I mentor at Junior Achievement, a non profit organization that teaches students entrepreneurial and financial skills
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My company organizes annual global volunteer days where we all go off in teams and volunteer with different organizations in our cities. Last year I went with a group who helped prepare secondhand bikes that were going to be shipped to a third-world country. Other groups volunteered at food banks, shelters, schools, etc. Additionally, for the past 10 years, I've been a pro-bono business consultant with the local Americans for the Arts chapter in my city. They match business consultants with local emerging arts non-profits to help them solve identified business problems. I've worked on projects in marketing, branding, data analysis, etc.
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I am on an executive board of a clinic where we provide medical care and emotional/social support to the underserved and often rejected communities (immigrants/refugees) in North Minneapolis where many of the headline topics the last couple years have been around. It is a place where I can change the narratives of what the media portraits and also support a community of people who are deeply hurting.
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use! It does help :D. The greyhound organization I got my greyhound from said they rely a lot on donations from them! And I want to mention because this is one of the things we do normally but we forget to give ourselves credit for!
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I facilitate Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thons in the workplace and self-care workshops using research-backed skills. I partner with nonprofit organizations to offer these trainings for free and boost education about burnout and coping skills in local communities. Corporate sponsors can also support these trainings by sponsoring a second event for a nonprofit partner in addition to their own self-care event workshops.
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I help with Read to Succeed which is a program where members of the community sit with 3rd graders for an hour once a week and help them practice their reading skills. It's super easy to do and so effective! And the kids are wonderful. Also as a programmer I get to help out with the local high school's programming classes. I've done Q&As with the students about my career, some in class code mentoring, sponsored a senior capstone project, organized job shadowing, really whatever the programming teacher needs from local industry folks. One summer I actually had the programming teacher as an "extern", so he worked for us for a summer to get industry experience that he used to adjust his curriculum.
My job uses a platform called Bright Funds to help track volunteer hours and match donations.