What would you do if you could restart this year?

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If I could restart, I'd tell myself to slow down. There are still so many uncertain things happening by the day and even though I feel like I was put on "pause" in 2020, I honestly have not stopped moving. Slow down to take in the day, slow down to think, slow down to enjoy what's in front of you.
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I really. like this as well. In my city we're still under complete lockdown and work from home. It's really easy to just keep plugging along vs. taking breaks.
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My city is under lockdown too and I haven't felt the incentive to take my annual leave, until my boss reminded me I needed a break to avoid burnout!
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100% I feel like when we're all working from home it's so easy to just not take leave because what's the point. There is no where to go and nothing to do but watch telly on the couch.
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I really like this. Slowing down and focusing on the present a couple of times a day - even just for a couple of breaths - really helps me stay on top of things.
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this might sound depressing :/ Be a little more aggressive and demand that the nursing home allowed the grandchildren of my grandma to see her before she died. (with all the safety precautions, of course)It's difficult to think that I haven't been able to see my grandma for over a year until she died.
I wish I wasn't in such a hurry to accept a job offer.
How are you feeling re the job now?
I’m thankful I have a job, but that’s about it.
I'm one of those people who truly believe things happen for a reason. So perhaps this is one of those life lessons/learnings moments. Glad you were able to reflect and realise that so you will know better next time!
I agree. Thank you for reminding me, very good advice.
You're wonderful and they are lucky to have you! Keep at it and when it's time you will find the place that's perfect for you!
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I wish I listened to my mom when she gave me some advice.
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Knowing this now, how is your approach when she now gives you advice?
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... I still don't listen 😆
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Honestly, same. My mom is always right in hindsight but that never stops me 🤣
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HAHAHA @teresaman and @NinaLin thats hilarious! it's like you're deep down hoping that one day they will be wrong and you will be right haha!
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Be aggressive, start waiting for this to be over!
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If you don't mind can I ask a follow-up question, what do you mean aggressive and in what type of context? Maybe there is room to do things differently moving forward :)
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Yes! I feel like I lost a lot of time waiting for the pandemic to be over. I just couldn't accept the fact this is something I should get used to and try everything to move forward for my company. I could have knock on a few doors to keep developing the product. There has been a literal 1 month where I just stopped doing anything.
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Slow down and enjoy the moment, especially the small things.After being WFH for the past year, I really haven't met anyone outside of my household and right around Jan, i had the chance to move in with my parents (I had tested negative and my mom had gotten the vaccine). I cherished the small things: eating with them at the same table and hugging them. Something I took for granted pre-covid for sure. Now that things are opening up, I feel like I'm more in tune emotionally and have a good ritual of "being home" without feeling like I'm missing out on something. (I'm more extroverted). Even in the last year, maybe it wasn't my ideal year (ie. fewer interactions with family and friends, traveling, etc). but I still learned how to cook more foods, got closer to my cousins in my bubble, etc. And so thankful for that looking back now.