LBGTQAI+ inclusion in the (pandemic) workplaceFeatured

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I saw an article recently (didn’t save it) that said as many as 1 in 3 Gen Z kids identify as ‘not straight’ so this is only going to become more prevalent as the workforce shifts! I’ve been lucky in my ‘outness’ but know many who haven’t and it definitely needs to change 🥰🌈🏳️‍🌈🦄
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Some of us have so many identities to navigate in the workplace, it's a struggle to find a place that's even remotely tryng.When it comes to diversity, it's not just race and gender. Some of us aren't straight, and we're also WOC. The intersection is very important!
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Thank you for sharing all of this information- it's incredibly helpful. If you are open to being a podcast guest, I'm looking for someone who can share more on how team members can be more proactive on being inclusive and why it's so important. If you or anyone you know may be interested, I'd love to chat. thanks!