Canadian Employers - Job Offers

Need some advice on connecting with Canadian Employers to get standing job offers. I am applying for my Canadian Immigration and the one thing that will strengthen my application is to have a job offer (especially in the Tech fields). Now its a catch 22 as companies want you to be in Canada before they interview you and immigration wants you to have an offer before you land. My question to you is how do I solve this catch 22 situation and any tips, advice, connections to fellow Elpha who are Canadian Employers. Anything at this point would really help in moving this along. PLEASE HELP!
Do they want you to be "in Canada before they interview you" for interview reasons or immigration reasons? I'd be surprised if for the former given most if not all interviews in tech are held over video calls anyway. Additionally, I wonder if Canadian companies who may had strict policies around that have relaxed due to travel restrictions and lockdowns imposed on their potential candidates?