Setting a VC strategyHttp://


Just joined here again after a long hiatus and it's lovely to see the community thriving.

2 months ago we did a soft launch for (if you are a sports, wellness or fitness coach you can join using and we are on time to start thinking a out our next funding round.

Previously we have raised 350k USD and have another 250K promised and would like the next seed round to be 5million USD. And would prefer if the VCs are linked to mission of increasing access to wellness globally. Or VCs that have a focus on Women founders, health tech or wellness tech.

What my ask today is, is anyone here willing to support us:

1) to create the right VC outreach program

2) provide advice and mentorship

3) of course if you have access to VCs to make the introduction.

Happy to share our pitch deck as needed.

Congrats on the soft launch!You may want to include a one-liner or short description on what Codex is in your text as well as the type of individuals you'd like to connect with eg. type of investors or angels you are seeking (and if you want to include names of folks or firms that would be even better IMO but understand if you don't want to blast it publicly). For reference I thought this post was pretty effective if it helps as inspo