Understanding Bandwidth

I wrote about mental bandwidth: how it affects our choices, how we can try to prevent it from happening, and how we can put guardrails in place to keep it from affecting our priorities.It's a topic I care deeply about. It's made me more productive, more empathetic, and a better leader.I hope some of the strategies I share in this post will be helpful to others!Link here:
Hi Padmini!I actually read this on linkedin today because a mutual connection liked it and I found it so helpful that I sent to my partner to read and we discussed it. So just wanted to say, great article! Thanks for sharing! :)
Thanks for reading, and thanks for the feedback!! I'm so happy you and your partner found it helpful.
This was really helpful, thank you for sharing! I'm putting a sticky note by my bed saying "No news (or email) before work!" cause I know that if I check that in the morning, my whole day is at risk of spiraling. I know this fact but sometimes when I'm tired & forgetful, the first thing I do is grab my phone and check those things.
That's such a good idea! I should adopt that same strategy. Maybe a sticky note directly on my phone since it's the first thing I reach for in the morning.