What were the best virtual events you've participated in? Looking for new ideas for our team

The event above looks fun! What was it?
Our customers are small to midsize CPG brands so everyone was given funds to purchase their fav of our 30+ brands. We had them hold it up for a picture and discuss why they chose it.
Ah that's awesome!
Which one of yours? :-) I'd have definitely gone for the Hint water like 2 of your colleagues! :)
Anything involving trivia. I know there's a small business that works to make it a fun, virtual event...I could come through my emails to find it.
Yes please share <3
I found it; It's Triviahub;
Thank you!!
Ok great - looking for a good one that does this - please share!
I found it; It's Triviahub;
@teresaman hosted an event last year called Lift Her Wealth this was truly wonderful!And of course Elpha community member chat @Aileen can tell you - she's never missed one!
Thanks @iynna I think the Monthly meet-ups are the best!!! It’s great fun talking to new people and it’s lovely to meet up with the women I’ve previously met at the earlier meet-ups.
You're the sweetest! :)@carrie106 join us at the August one!
Escape rooms are fun!
Yes they are but the team is all remote so need something virtual!
There are actually a lot of virtual escape rooms! (I haven't done one personally but was initially looking into it as a team event)
My team did this virtual escape room, it was really well-organized: "Grimm Escape" one is really fun Another virtual event we did (if everyone is in the US) is this cooking class:
Some of my recent favorites:- Virtual animal sanctuary tour- Trivia quiz about each other / the company / the industry- Scavenger hunt (find x item in your house)- Online cooking class- we're doing a virtual escape room soon which I'm very excited about!
We do a quarterly event through Teambuilding ( and I get a ton of positive feedback from my team about how fun they are!
Check out a company called Hopin, if you haven't already. Went to an event where I talked with people who are super users of their product and they were doing everything from a virtual daycare (, I'm super curious on how that worked!) to events where they had "speed networking" as part of the event, which sounds super dope. Their super users are seriously, super.
I'm a big fan of Hopin's product, it fits so well with virtual events! Their newsletter has some great ideas in it usually, too.
At work, we have a Weekly Hello where we talk about non-work stuff in a structured way. First, we talk briefly about our highlight or lowlight in our personal lives of the previous week/weekend. Then we answer the 'Question of the Week', which are completely random questions chosen each week and are submitted by the team. Some past questions are: - "It's the zombie apocalypse and the last person who DMed you is fighting beside you. Do you all survie?"- "What is your craziest wild animal encounter?"- "If you had to survive as a fruit, what would it be?"It's a great start to the week and since we're a remote team, allows us to get to know each other a little better. Also is always a lot of laughs!
Really like the format, starting with personal life updates and then questions of the week! And these are amazing questions, quite unique. May I ask how do you come up with these questions?
@yihuang a lot of them are submitted by the team! There's also questions like "Do you wear shoes inside the house?" "Do you have a schedule for laundry?" They're all pretty random.
Hi Carrie, and everyone in this thread. I'm the female co-founder of - I would love to connect to give you access to our Beta and see how we might be able to support your team with super fun virtual events. We have trivia, escape rooms, art, learning opportunities, fitness, yoga, wellness event and fun self-hosted activities.
@JessBW I am having a wine and writing event next week, If that would work.
Our team put together a huge list on Airtable ( - might be helpful for some ideas!
Check out for self-care event options. The most popular workshop is the Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thon! 🤗🔥🌈
My team works with other companies to create some of these. A cute idea we had recently was a pet pageant!