Co-founder search

I'm in search of a technical co-founder. I'm building software in the A/ML space and would love to find someone passionat about uncovering business models that unleash the power of AI.

I'm using the YC co-founder match right now, but would like to join other networks and uncover other channels where I can meet with folks who might be a good fit.

I'm set on finding a good match and am in no rush, but would like to be connecting with more folks on a regular basis.

What resources are out there that I might not be aware of? Any adivce generally on fundraising as a solo founder? I'm also considering finding an engineer who can build out the technical pieces I need and grow into a CTO role overtime, rather than join as a co-fouder out of the gate.

Anything thoughts & adivce are greatly appreciated!

Hi Madeline,I think finding a suitable engineer that will have the chance to work with you when the intensity is lower, build a relationship over time and eventually grow into the CTO role is a great idea. I had a client looking for a technical co-founder too and I advised her same. Joining more communities and connecting with like-minded people is great. You can check,, which are female focused communities. All the best with your search. Cheers.
Perfect, thank you.
Here is another resource that was just launched as well, it's free:
Did you and @ishitatyagi connect? Sounds like you two would have some great tips to share with one another
Hi @MadelineF, you might wanna join AI/ML related slack/discord communities and post who you're looking for there. We also launched our prototype just now and would be happy to match you with the profiles interested in the same thing. Just sign up and we'll follow up with next steps:
Just signed up! Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks :)