Today we launched our product: Coffee Minus The Beans!

Hello Elpha!

I am a latin solo female founder, the odds are 100% stacked against me, but today is a good day.

After years of work we are so excited to introduce you to our new brand: Minus! Our first product, Coffee Minus the beans, is a beanless cold brew that you have to taste to believe. Minus comes from my Costarrican coffee loving roots, anxiety for climate change, daily dependance on coffee, and excitement about biotech and the future of food. We have been working on this product for years, refining the taste, the aroma, the ingredients, and the process. We have conducted tastings with hundreds of consumers, coffee experts and operators resulting in a cold brew that tastes and smells delicious, has the same effect as coffee, but with a fraction of the environmental impact.Minus Cold Brew is for people obsessed with coffee and the planet. It’s a beanless approach that protects coffee ritual, farmer livelihood, and our precious planet. We use ingredients that use less water, create less carbon emissions, and optimize for local upcycled inputs. Through fermentation, we culture each roast into a coffee brew. Minus tastes and caffeinates exactly like your fave cold brew, without the beans. (Correction, former fave.) Coffee addict. Planet activist. Be both with MinusToday we are opening our website with a limited amount of product available for purchase. Head to our website and be one of the first to try our Minus Cold Brew!Check out our new website:

Congrats Marice! Look forward to tasting. Kudos!
I just saw this on LinkedIn earlier — congrats!! What a cool product and founder story 😍
This is so incredibly cool! And the site is beautiful