DS or ML person I can chat with about a specific application of Markov Chains

Hey Elphas -

I am a former DS turned Technical Product Manager and I have a somewhat specific DS / ML question for you all or really more of can you point me to someone that might be specialized in this area or can help me better define what I am asking so I can research it better.

TLDR - I am a Tech Product Manager in an ML/ Mircoservices Architecture Platform space working on a R&D product that intends to leverage larger volumes of analytics data specific to traversing website pages & Markov Chains to determine the "probability" of path steps.

So that is all well and fine as we in ML/DS understand basic Markov Chains.

An extension of what we are exploring is... can you track those "path probabilities" over time (or time increments) ultimately having the ability to say something like: Over the last X period, the probability of a user traversing Y application or website and reaching Z defined success path went from 70% to 40% (and the resulting maybe driving reason would be that there was a UX design change or something that made the experience less intuitive or something)

Do you know anyone who has a fair amount of experience with Markov Chains and whether or not those "path probabilities" can be tracked over a time series?

I've reach out to my greater DS network, but many of them specialize in other areas like NLP, semantic search, vector embeddings etc.

Thanks in advance!