Does anyone here experience have experience with NFTs?

Hello everyone,

It seems that NFTs are quite the rage these days and I've been doing research about its future. Some arguments state that it's nothing more than a trend that will eventually die, while others state that it is the future and and will eventually evolve. I'm curious to know if anyone has created one(or a few!) How was the process for you? I apologize in advance if someone already posted this question.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


YES! You should connect with @mylenetu and @krissymashinsky she launched her own last year!
Hi Ebony, Mylene has agreed to host an event on 3/16 with a community I found. Details here along with a link to register - Feel free to join if it works for your schedule and learn about NFTs and ask your questions. It's a topic a lot are curious about. I plan to record the meeting for everyone who registers.
Hi Ebony! I'm a product manager transitioning to blockchain and web3 and I created a 10,000 NFTs collection in polygon and publish them in OpenSea. You can find some of them here: did it in order to understand possible pain points across the journey. I'd be glad to share the experience.
Thanks @tomyamateo!
Hey Ebony! Just chiming in here :) (thanks @iyanna for the tag) Would be happy to connect further to tell you more about my experience starting a project so far (started in January)I honestly believe the space is going to continue to grow as things are still so early on and such a small portion of the population is currently in the NFT space. NFTs now go beyond just the artwork to provide other utilities or 'benefits' that I think will make them long-lasting. Of course, do your own research and I'd recommend hopping in Twitter and following some NFT projects/collectors to get a feel for the space yourself! Twitter Spaces are huge nowadays and there are lots with great insight into the NFT space.
Thanks @mylenetu! I look forward to your upcoming event on web3 this Wednesday.