Let's get more women in Web3! What is Web3?

Hello everyone!

I hope that this post finds you well :) I wanted to create a Women in Web3 community in Elpha since I noticed there wasn't a space yet on the platform for us to geek out about all things Web3 (this post is cross-posted in different communities but you can search for 'Women in Web3' in the community search). For those of you who may not have heard about Web3 before, it is essentially the future of the Internet.

What does this mean? What is the current state of the Internet?

The internet as we currently know it is what can be referred to as Web2. Web2 is pretty much governed by companies that provide services in exchange of our data (think- Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Web2 is known for user generated content, or, having the ability to 'read' or 'write' online. Think about all of the websites you visit and use, these are all a part of web2 :)

What is Web3/the future state of the Internet?

Web3 is the next generation or iteration of the Internet. In Web3 the core focus is decentralization. Decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network. This means that people can have true ownership of their data in an ideal Web3 world; it focuses on community and is based on the blockchain.

Now, don't worry if any of this flew right past you- it was hard for me to wrap my head around it at first too (and I still haven't fully grasped it yet either). But, this is just the start. I'm hoping that in this community we can learn from each other and grow our Web3 knowledge. Web3 is so exciting to me because it opens up so many new opportunities for women and BIPOC; since we're still so early on in Web3 the more we can bring women and BIPOC into this space the more it can be built on inclusivity.

If you're already in the loop of Web3, share some resources below! ⬇️ I'm also working on my own Web3 project right now to empower and educate women in STEAM through NFTs so, if you're curious to check it out you can learn more here!

Thanks and happy learning!

- Mylene

@mylenetu, Thanks for the post. Good start πŸ‘πŸ‘Me just taking baby steps to understand web3, out of sheer curiosity. Last week, I was reading a post @ concise! Thought this article will be a good first read to many newbies out there, hence sharing. Hope it's okay.I shall bookmark your link, and keep sharing whenever I come across good stuff. Thanks!
Yes please! That would be amazing :) Continuing to share information is crucial in this space since we're still all learning.
Sure thing. I have this habit of maintaining notion pages for many things, both personally and professionally :)Will maintain one for capturing resources on web3 and associated items. I'll update it as and when I read useful stuff, as well as when elphas out here share information on web3, so that we have one place to go to. Sounds like a plan?Just created one,'ll structure it with more details when I get some time.Small update: I started to add comments beside each link as and when I complete assimilating information, so that it gives more context for readers to choose a link.
That is awesome thanks for sharing! :) Looks like the notion page is locked though so you may need to change the settings.Also, if you're interested in the NFT part of web3, there are some resources in my NFT project's community discord if you want to learn more about NFTs and how minting, staking, & setting up a wallet works :) The discord link I believe is in the Linktree of my original post above.
Ah okay. Just changed the settings, hopefully it should be accessible now. Added the Youtube link shared by @Chitraf too. Will make sure to maintain the notion page as much as I can πŸ˜€ so that it helps all.Will join your discord community right away and check the resources on NFTs, and get started soon. Will keep y'all posted with how things move on my end. I'm super excited now 😁.
I'm interested! [email protected]
Messaged! :)
Definitively, interested! Especially, DAOs. I'm an inclusion and technologist strategist. My interest is in how those structures enable or hinder inclusion. We already have reports about bullying and harassment in the Metaverse, showing that we bring with us our biases no matter the "universe". Whilst DAOs appear to be enablers of democratic organizations, they can also be Troyan horses of a Global "Uber" economy... So much to explore!If you create a community, please count me in.
This is such an interesting point! I think inclusion in this space is still being shaped so its cool to watch things unfold and be a part of it. I think web2 norms/issues have naturally carried over to web3 however, it seems like more and more people are making conscious efforts to help shift that narrative and 'unlearn'. DAOs in specific are really interesting to explore as well because if you think of the org structure, it operates so differently from any web2 organization. The career growth and opportunities will look so different. Also, I do have a community and I'd love for you to join! It's more NFT-focused however, there are lots of amazing women and men in the space who have been in web3 much longer than I have and have explored different aspects of web3 such as DAOs. This is the link to the discord :)
Thanks so much for inviting me @mylenetu! I've never used discord before - and I just signed! I look forward to learning more.
Hi Patricia! if you're interested in DAOs and defining what they are, how DAOs can be used for good (or evil) etc i'd definitely recommend checking out RnDAO (you can join the discord here i'm a member and it's an amazing group of excellent humans doing cross-DAO research and development stuff! We spend a lot of time talking about precisely these issues you mention :)
Thanks for sharing the discord community. I have been looking for such a group.
Thanks @clairexy! I've signed and I looking forward to interacting with the group (once I figure out how it works :) )
Definitely would love to connect with other women in web3!I'm deep in the rabbithole already and would love to geek out with other women in the space. Personally, I've found it less chaotic to pick a few areas to focus on rather than try to keep on top of everything. (I think of web3 more as a large universe with various verticals within, which all have different terminology, culture, user behavior, etc). I focus mostly on blockchain gaming while keeping headline knowledge on other areas.Currently advising some startups/brands in the space, especially if gaming or music related, and building something that aims to help solve some liquidity pain points in the NFT space as well as increase accessibility to NFTs!
That's a great way of looking at it! Web3 is a large space and it's evolving so rapidly. There are things like gaming like you said, the metaverse, DAOs, staking, NFTs, and so much more. It can seem like a lot but its so exciting!If you're looking to connect with women in web3 there are lots of amazing women-led projects and communities on Twitter (perhaps I'll make a separate post about it one day). Some that come to mind are myBFF, and Surge Women on twitter- both of those groups focus on educating women in web3.If you're looking to join a smaller community with women in NFTs, I have my own NFT project focused on using NFTs to empower and educate women in STEAM fields. I really want to help onboard more women into web3 as well so if you're curious feel free to check out our discord!
Thank you Mylene for creating it!! I joined and excited to be educated by you all on this!
Yess of course! I'm so excited to watch women grow in web3- I think its so important that we all get a seat at the table, especially with something so new and exciting as web3!
also following. this is a Q2 personal project for me.
Amazing! What type of project are you looking to start in the near future? :)
Nothing in particular! the personal project is learning more about it/understanding it better to see where there might be opportunities/aligned interests for me!
That's awesome though! Excited to see what you eventually create in this space πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Love this! Still a beginner when it comes to Web3, but learn more each and everyday. I feel a bit intimidated entering the space that seems to have a bit of a "finance bro" culture. Would love to be part of shaping web3 to be an inclusive and safe space for all people! There is so much information out there, I recently found this Web3 reading list created by Gaby that helps narrow down the resources:
Rox!! So glad you found this post :) Thanks for joining the discord too, I hope it gave you a warm and welcoming vibe instead of a finance bro one. I've found that connecting with the right groups in web3 makes a world of a difference. Yes, there is still that finance bro vibe in some spaces, especially ones with a lot of hype around them however there are so many women-led projects that are amazing as well!
Thank you for sharing and starting such a wonderful community! Haha yes, I think when I started my Google scavenging I came upon a lot of hyped up groups so that kinda formed my initial impression. So glad I found your community and it's definitely helped me find other wonderful projects!
Thanks a lot @roxannayu. The link you shared is really helpful, has a lot of information, will start from that and share my thoughts too. A lot to digest πŸ˜‰, and yeah, it is a bit intimidating πŸ™„
I'm glad! Feel free to DM me if you want to chat about it. Mylene's discord community is also a great way to connect with others in the space! They are super welcoming!
As I'm just starting to wet my feet, would love to understand how you navigate, probably if you are okay, let's be accountability buddies and keep the ball rolling ☺. Will DM you right away !
Thanks @mylenetu We are doing NFTs/Web3 stuff for a client and still trying to wrap my arms around it and having a difficult time. My team creates the NFTs and we make our deliverables but not sure how everything fits...So having group and information regarding this subject matters really helps. Thanks!
forgot to include excellent Youtube video which explains NFTS, Web3, Metaverse and how to buy NFTs
Watched this video, as Vanessa says I know 1% more now 😁. Wooow, all these sound so futuristic πŸš€.Thanks for sharing!
This is awesome thanks so much for sharing! There really is so much to learn in this space but it's amazing how we can all learn together as this is truly just the beginning of it all.
I am equally confused and interested. Will look for your Web3 community group on here!
I'd like to learn more about this. I'm going to bookmark the thread and check out some of the posted resources. Thanks
Very cool! I'm interested in learning more. I'll keep an eye out!
Following! I work on the operating team at an early-stage VC and help our portfolio companies with talent/recruiting and people. We've started to incubate and invest in quite a few Web3 (crypto, NFT, DeFi) companies and I feel SO lost in understanding what they do and how I can help. I've been doing some research on my own but it's such a massive topic, I get overwhelmed quickly. I'd love to join a community and learn as much as I can (not only for work, but for my personal learning as well). I joined a few Discord channels per the recommendation of one of the founders in our portfolio, but it's hard to follow and it's a lot of chatter and jargon that I don't understand. I also signed up for the Smoothie newsletter purely because I liked the aesthetics πŸ˜… but they seem to have some good articles!
First of all, AMAZING that you're working in VC and are starting to look into Web3. Always awesome to see more women in venture capital πŸš€There is lots of jargon in this space but you'll get the hang of it! If you're still looking for communities to learn in, feel free to hop into the discord I made for my own NFT project! We have an #web3-newbies channel and we have a resource hub pinned in there! Feel free to check it out and ask any questions :) I'm sure anyone would be happy to answer in there!
Right?! We need more women in VC! Awesome, thanks so much! I just joined :) Looking forward to diving in deeper.
I subscribed to Smoothie after reading your post here. I should say I'm thoroughly impressed, such crisp information in a newsletter, wow 🀩. Thanks @katywiley for sharing.
Thanks for starting this thread. I'm still wrapping my head around web3. I write fiction on the side and just read an interesting article by this writing coach on how authors can seize this opportunity. I'm excited by the potential and am looking forward to joining if a community is started.
You should check out Book Coin! They're doing some cool things in the writing/NFT space and recently turned the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck into an NFT collection!
Also Following! Lots of learning, but also lots of opportunities.
Count me in! I'm interested!
Hey all, Just added details on a webinar that's organized by ByBit on my notion page. See if it interests you. P.S.: I'm yet to register.
I find it hasn't been as easy as I was hoping to find community in the space. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong spaces. I created an NFT collection ( or and I learned so much! Its really changed how I engage in tech but I've gotten any traction or support in my project despite its good intentions. I'm sure there is always more I could learn and improve!
You've come to the right place! :) Do you have a presence on Twitter yet? I've found that Twitter has been really great for me so far in growing my NFT project @TrailblazeTribe
No not yet but I can certainly invest more time in cultivating community there.
@mylenetu Thank you for this interesting post on actual topic. I'm interested!
Just found your post and yes, I'm bullish about Web3 and also passionate about getting other women and minorities set up their own projects. I'm coming from ML / big data so I'm seeing how it is all connected and how important it is for us to get involved.
I am just about to finish this program - it's been a great way to learn about web3, blockchain, DAOs, NFTs and I've make a killer network as well. They are trying to get more women into positions of leadership in web3 so they designed this program for just that. Most participants are in Europe (I'm based in USA). I'd highly recommend anyone apply to the following cohorts.
I'd love to join. I'm currently working in web3 since a while.
So glad I found this thread! I'm on the People and Culture team in a blockchain company and this whole Web 3.0 area is so new to me! But also super exciting, and I'm trying to learn everything that is possible to grasp for a non-tech person.