I Can't See my DMs or send any DMs

Is there something wrong with the DM feature of Elpha, lately I am unable to send anyone and DMs or access my old DMs.


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Hi @Chitraf thanks for posting! All is working well for me, but would you send an email to [email protected] (if you haven't done so yet)
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Hi! Pardon the inconvenience. We'll check out what's gone wrong here. This sometimes happens if you are sending DMs that violate our guidelines (https://elpha.com/guidelines#dm_guidelines) and your DMs are suspended. We send an email to let you know if that's happens, but occasionally neglect the email part.
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Hi Cadran- When I go to send a DM to a particular person, the message button says "connecting to messages" but never connects.And like I mentioned, I don't see the messages icon anymore on the dashboard