What are Women's ERGs planning for Women's History Month? Let's share & collab!

Hey everyone! What events, ideas and plans do fellow Elphas have for Women's History Month?

One of my favorites is a collaborative event between a Women+ ERG and a LGBTQ+ ERG for Trans Day of Visibility.

Anyone else doing anything on that day? What are some other events you're planning? Challenges you're running into?

Would love to share and learn more.

Love this question! Following as I also would love ideas to bring to our start up!
We recently had a woman join our board of directors, so we're doing an 'Ask Me Anything' with her during one of our company's all hands, also planning for a fireside chat with our women execs.
We are a Black-owned & women-owned winery so our efforts in February and March are mostly towards reaching out to others. Few things we're doing: hosting virtual wine tastings for some down time together (let me know if you're interested!); inserting postcards with uplifting messages into all of our shipments - recipient can keep, or mail to someone else; featuring recipes and pairings from our women chefs & sommelier in our emails and blog posts.
My company is too small for an ERG, but I'm a volunteer for PMI-NYC's newly formed DE&I group and our members are notifying their ERG's of this event. This event is hybrid, happening in EST on March 8th for International Women's Day. Anyone is welcome to attend! PIVOT! Reflecting on and Resetting Your Career at Every Stage and Every Age6:30 pm EST in NYC at the Arlo-Soho7:00 pm EST on Zoom Networking + Speaker: Patricia David, (former managing director and the global head of diversity for JPMorgan Chase) discussing her book: "The 'Her'story of Davidisms: My Straight-Shooting Answers to 30 Years of Career Questions People Have Asked Me.Registration here: Post here:
Or take a page from my friend Vicki Saunders the founder of SHEEO she says: It's time to flip the script on International Women's DayWhat if, instead of asking women to work harder on this day,we took time for ourselves?
The ERG I lead has a weekly theme for everyone to share recommendations, our categories are - books , change agents, inspiring/impactful woman in your life and music/podcasts. We have a weekly raffle based on engagement in above topics ending with a trivia at the end of the month. One of of the other ERGs is hosting a keynote and panel discussion on #Breakthebias.
I actually created a guide for how to celebrate Women's History Month based off of my experience leading Women's ERGs! Let me know if anyone would like a copy.
Please send! Thanks!
I am leading some workshops for a couple of different ERGs and women's networks designed to help women tune into what it is that they truly need in their life generally. One of my big goals for my work this year to help women find the permission and space to tune into what it is that they truly need in their life in terms of care, resources, relationships, etc. and giving them tools to figure out how to start getting their needs met. I think it's one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and I also personally believe it will be a catalyst for a shift that is needed in larger society. Anyway, if it's of interest to anyone looking for programming for women's history month, please message me. I'm really passionate about this and eager to talk to and support more women!
I love this thread! I'm a Career Coach based in London. I'd love to dedicate doing 8th March between 8am -1 pm UK time to doing brobono IWA virtual talks. I can talk about these topics:Career Advancement strategies, tools and insights for minority employees4 Ways to Say No and build relationships and stay empowered Imposter SyndromeMental ResilienceChange ManagementThe Future of WorkBurnoutGrowth MindsetSelf-Promotion and being your own cheerleader!For more details check out the link: DM me or comment, I'd love to make a difference! 😍😍😍😍
Whoops I’m a bit late to this post, but I co-lead a Womens ERG at Aetion, and we are piloting our first half-day Women in Tech Forum during the month of March. The idea is to provide opportunities to hear diverse perspectives on the topics of professional and family journeys and give attendees a hands-on opportunity to hone professional elevator pitches in a 1:1 setting.