Have an innovative solution to solid waste management? Turn it into reality with our Waste No More Ideathon

We’re on the lookout for brilliant innovators to help maximize reuse and recycling while cutting down on landfill use.

The Waste No More Ideathon is an open call for innovators interested in finding solutions to solid waste management challenges.

It aims to bring together forward-thinking, capable individuals with the goal of introducing ideas that will increase the reuse and recycling of solid waste, ultimately reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

Flex your problem-solving muscles to help reduce how much garbage is ending up in landfills.

Challenge winners will have their ideas implemented in our upcoming hackathon on March 22nd!

Ready to save the planet?

Join us!

You may want to talk to Jennifer LeRoy, Jeanny Yao or Miranda Wang of NovoLoop. They have invented a cheaper, better way to recycle polyethylene plastics like plastic bags into higher quality polymers.