Interview with our Frontend Developer, Ali Klein, and her journey to programming as a second careerFeatured

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As someone who is also transitioning into programming as a second (third?) career after studying international affairs and anthropology in undergrad and later doing an MBA, this really resonated with me. It's really encouraging to hear from other women with stories similar to my own, particularly those who took the leap from another career later in life.I also really appreciated the way that Ali put into words why she decided to make the transition, what she enjoys about programming, and why it clicks with her personality. They are definitely very similar to my own reasons, and I've found that finding the words to explain those things (particularly as I look for my first job in the field) is one of my biggest challenges in telling my story to potential employers. I will be taking some inspiration from this for sure!Thanks @JuliaJoung and Ali!
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What an amazing journey! Very inspiring!