Ageism in tech is real but Andrea Brice and Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton have broken glass ceilings in tech and now they're ready to break brass doors as startup founders. Join us on Wednesday at 12pm est for a candid Tech Girlfriend Chat on Life After 40 in Tech.
I'm so glad to see this topic, @marierokerjones! Just registered.
Thank you @beccawilliams! We need to talk about this because it affects so many women.
I just sat on a panel at InterCon in Las Vegas last week. Very real, but not insurmountable!
Cool, I registered. A top that I am very passionate about.
Gendered ageism is real in most large companies in most industries for hiring of knowledge workers. Not only is it coded in the algorithms (based on existing hires), but also the text analytics used for automation and the weighting of skills.