Current feelings on resume headshots?

Hi all,

I am redesigning my digital resume and I have heard conflicting opinions on the inclusion of headshots in your resume. I am currently redesigning the resume to be more project-focused, as I'm aiming for a software developer role, and my work experience doesn't showcase those skills I'm gaining from my Computer Science degree.


Thanks in advance!

Maybe this is a silly question, but is this for a website or a digital resume that you are submitting when applying for a job, or for a paper resume?
Hi Shanell! Not a silly question at all! I'm going for a digital resume. If I were going to print it I would remove any headshots.Thank you for your response!
Got it! I think I’d probably leave it off. What are you thinking of as the pros of having a headshot? I’m an engineer but I haven’t done a job search in 5+ years.
Mostly I was thinking 2 things: connects a face to the name, and probably 70% of the resume templates I was looking at included a spot for it lol. But seems like the general consensus is no, which is fine!Thank you for your response!
Definitely leave it off - it’s an open door for bias based on so many factors…
That's definitely one of the cons I was thinking of! Thanks for your response!
Depends on the country, where are you located? In the US, it is very uncommon to include a headshot on a resume and as LucyN pointed out, it can open the door to bias, unconscious or otherwise. But on the flip side, most folks have a photo on their LinkedIn profile and it's easy enough to look those up (often it's linked from your resume).
I'm in the US, and at least 70% of the resume templates I was looking at had a spot for a headshot, so I wasn't certain if that was the 'new thing' or not. Thank you for your response!
Recruiter here - I'd take it off. And use that space to showcase so many of your other highlights. I esp. like a 2 sentence header sharing exactly what you're looking for and will bring to that role
Thank you Nikki! If I may ask, if one doesn't have an exact idea of what they are looking for, would you mention that in the 2 sentence header? Or would you remove the header altogether?Thanks for your response!
I'd tailor it to each role you apply for. Show them you're in the "stack" for a reason. TBH - most applicants aren't competing against the "top" folks to get to the interview stage with their resumes - often you're competing against the spam that's in there. For example - I often see folks with zero of the required experience (ie - someone who has been a flight attendant their whole career) in the application pile for roles that require 4+ years of experience for something (ie - Sr. Engineering role that require multiple years of production level code). Use that header to show why you're there. Good luck!
Thank you Nikki!! I really appreciate the advice!