WORKSHOP: Conflict-Free Holidays - learn foundational skills in non-violent communication

Hola Elpha community!

I am offering an online workshop in foundational mastery of non-violent communication (NVC) otherwise known as compassionate communication.

While the context is the upcoming holiday season - we all have friend and family gatherings that probably cause stress just imagining the potential conflict around the table with differing world views and political POVs etc... but these skills also belong in the toolbox of any modern day entrepreneur.


✨ Master Compassionate Communication: Ensure your gatherings are respectful, peaceful, and FUN, even if you have differing perspectives.

🧩 OFNR Model: Decode effective communication via observations, feelings, needs and requests.

👂 Empathic Listening: Connect on a deeper level.

🙌 Practical Tools: Perfect for real-life conversations.

Experience hands-on learning with interactive activities and receive a handy worksheet to take home!

I would LOVE to see some of you Elpha ladies in the Zoom room... and there will be a replay sent out if you're inable to attend live.

What? Conflict-Free Holidays: Prepare for Peace, a workshop

When? Wednesday 18 October at 8pm EST / 5pm PST

Where? Online

Investment? $25


DM me any and all questions! ❤️