Advice Needed: requesting a location change from the U.S to abroad

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I think instead of stating your preference right away, it may be helpful to learn what they're thinking as your conversations are still early on and you're shaping the role together. Some helpful questions could be: where do you see this role being based for it to have maximal success? If they say the US: would there be any travelling involved or opportunity for relocation so that I can co-locate with the team in the UK?if they say the UK, then wooo! 👏Logistically, things like moving packages and visa sponsorships can all be things that are worth diving into.
Thanks @teresaman! Really appreciate how you framed the questions. I was having trouble with dialogue that was clear and specific but still left room for open ended discussion.
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Adding to that, you should ask if there is an opportunity to train with the team at HQ and if they have a location swap program! If you love London so much after those experiences, you have an even greater case for wanting to move.
@sy65331 Great advice! Will def inquire into onboarding and training plans. Thanks!