Finally working on a venture truly aligned with my passion

Hi ladies! I've launched many side projects over the years (forever chasing that dream of being financially independent & working for myself)...but I'm so excited to share a new, bootstrapped venture fully aligned with my interests & community.

My cofounder Jennifer and I are both avid fiction readers and aspiring writers, but we’ve always had day jobs in tech so it’s stayed in hobby territory. Last month, we quit our jobs to start Spire, the reading platform of our dreams. We have big ambitions, but our first product launch is a beta reading matching platform.

What’s a beta reader? As authors go through the publishing process, they need readers to give them feedback on their manuscript (ideally someone who is similar to their end consumer). Our product matches authors & their manuscripts with readers who want to earn money to read an in-progress book and share their feedback! 📚 If you love reading and want to support indie authors, check us out at! Any feedback/thoughts much appreciated!! Feel free to comment or DM me.

WOW congrats Lucy! So excited for you :) What's your vision for this?
This sound amazing! I just submitted the form :)
ah, this is cool @lucyz! I used to read submissions for McSweeney's as an English major nerd.What made you decide to finally take the leap into fulltime founding?