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What's your remote work experience been like?

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Very interesting! My company technically has less than 50 people on staff but we oversee over 200 folks (we are a vc fund and accelerator) so do we count?
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Hi Iynna--thanks for your interest! We're going to keep the survey focused for now on companies with 50 or more people on staff since the your company (as a vc fund & accelerator) may be different, but I'll reach out to you if we expand our scope!
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just filled out!
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Thanks so much, Rose!
Hey Lucy! I tried filling out the survey but realize that most of the questions are geared towards people who started working at a company pre-covid. Not sure if this is applicable, but a lot of people (including me) started a new job during covid and have never experienced in-person with this new company.
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Hi Sanora--thanks for flagging this! The survey has branching logic so you were taken down a path that had questions phrased for people who had experienced a company's in-person culture and are now remote. We were missing an option for new joiners who had only experienced the remote work culture of a new company, but that's fixed now. You can select that option at the bottom of the first page of questions in the survey. Thanks!
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Filled out. I hope my response counts. I work for a corporation with over 1200 employees. I’m in IT/Tech, but it’s a financial company really. Best of luck @lucyz
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Thanks Aileen!